About our company

About Benamarket

Welcome to Benamarket.com, the online construction & maintenance marketplace. We aim to bring disruptive change into the construction and maintenance industries by providing access to knowledge, products, and services to open up a world of new opportunities in the most traditional sectors that have never undergo a drastic change ... yet.

Benamarket.com wants to be the center for construction and maintenance by providing a simple yet powerful solution that is enhanced by a rich knowledgebase required to take to optimum decision.

This is Benamarket.com - the center of construction and maintenance.


Our Vision

“ Simplify domestic construction and maintenance for everyone to a point that everything is done from home ”



To links the supply and demand of the construction and maintenance industries by enriching the knowledgebase and make it available to everyone



Sustainability : we put sustainability before everything and we continuously optimise

Innovation : we leverage our creativity to deliver practical solutions

Accountability : we take responsibility for our actions and hold others accountable for theirs

Integrity : we are fair and honest both with internal and external stockholders

Excellence : we strive for quality in every and always improve